Monday, December 3, 2012

Bill Nygren interview with Morningstar

Nygren: Growth a Bonus at Right Price
The Oakmark manager says many growth stocks are worthy of his value-oriented portfolios, so long as he doesn't have to overpay to get them.

Nygren: Double-Digit Earnings Growth Possible for B of A
Bank of America's current management team has allowed the firm to have possibly the strongest capital position among major U.S. banks, says Oakmark's Bill Nygren.

Why Nygren Likes This Health-Care Name
Medtronic's current P/E and solid fundamentals make the stock more worthy of owning, says Oakmark manager Bill Nygren.

Nygren: Disney's Value in Cable, Not Parks
Wall Street tends to focus too much on Disney's theme-park traffic and too little on the firm's cable operations, which carry the majority of Disney's value, according to Oakmark's Bill Nygren.

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