Thursday, July 5, 2012

David Baran: Profiting from Japan M&A boom

David Baran, Co-Founder of Symphony Financial Partners, has over 20 years of experience investing in Asia. He has lived in Asia and Japan for nearly 3 decades and is fluent in Japanese.Baran's SFP Value Realization Fund was launched in September 2003 when Nikkei was about 9,500. The index has fallen since then, yet his fund is still up 56% after fees.

"Investors in the U.S. equity markets would be falling over themselves to invest in a company like these - net cash, strong business moat and growth prospects,"

Hear David speak about:

* The 8 reasons why management buyouts are gaining popularity
* Why you need catalysts to unlock value in Japan equities
* What investors are missing by considering Japan as an "asset class"
* How to avoid "value traps"
* Considering tail risk: Why Baran's Sinfonietta hedge fund is "geared towards a disorderly market"

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