Monday, April 30, 2012

Milken Conference: Where Will Economic Growth Come From?

Global Conference 2012 kicks off by exploring the question facing policymakers across the United States and around the developed world: Has the emphasis on debt reduction put a wet blanket on recovery? Now that we can shift the focus away from crisis management, job creation is the central challenge. What investments and policy moves are needed now? If Europe descends into recession, will the effects reverberate around the globe, or has there been sufficient decoupling? Will Asia be the engine of growth, or will structural challenges slow the development of emerging economies? What sectors and geographies will define the future and revive economic growth?

Willem Buiter, Citigroup
Terry Duffy, CME Group
Mohamed El-Erian, PIMCO
Kevin Warsh, Hoover Institution
Maria Bartiromo, CNBC

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