Friday, January 27, 2012

BridgeWater is bullish on Gold

DealBook has a short article (In Punishing Year for Hedge Funds, Biggest One Thrived) on hedge fund firm, BridgeWater, that manages an astounding $120B, and has (so far) defied its ballooning assets to post truly astounding returns -- up 45% in 2010 and 23% in a treacherous trading environment last year, on the back of well-timed calls on Treasuries, Bunds, and the Yen.

They are bullish on gold for 2012 and apparently see inflation on the horizon. We at PriceSignals have been on a lonely vigil on inflation as well, and wonder if this is the year that the dam breaks...

"This year, Bridgewater is bullish on gold as a hedge against inflation. The managers are said to believe that governments will need to print more money to help reduce mounting sovereign debt, which could hurt the dollar but help gold. Bridgewater is also betting against the Australian dollar and several emerging-market currencies."

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