Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dylan Ratigan interviews David Stockman

David Stockman is always a treat a listen to:
- "Ben Bernanke is Finished..."
- The problem with our economy is the 30 year build-up in debt - $52 trillion of public and private debt
- Printing more money is not the answer
- Despite all the talk of record cash on the books, the corporate sector has $11 trillion of debt. The debt-to-shareholder's-equity is at its highest in decades
- In 2008-09, Paulson and Bernanke stirred up a panic ["The Blackberry Panic of 2008!!"]. We were not close to a depression. The job losses at that time were "phony" jobs (Banking, Construction,Real Estate) that had been created in the fake 2003-2007 rally.

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